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How would you like to overcome guilt, fear, anxiety, anger and shame?

What we are offering you is the opportunity... by way of sharing with you those insights, understandings, perspectives, techniques and tools for facilitating mind-body integration that will help you to become more clear, comfortable and secure within yourself.  So that however you choose to live your life, and however your life lives you, you’ll be able to enjoy and benefit more from the exchange.


Greetings... everyone!  My name is Am Rosen: lifelong philosopher and author, with more than four decades in practice as a Health Consultant facilitating mind-body integration; as through the medium of the human psyche, my art--- the Healing Art ---is facilitating the evolutionary unfoldment of human potential.


Over half a century a go, I made a sacred vow:  I resolved to understand how consciousness processes through the human form; why people struggle under the psychological problems that so hurt, oppress and derail their bodies, minds and social interactions; and how to remedy, rectify and heal those imbalances.  With the unabashed determination that only the ‘straight from the heart’ innocence of youth can find the audacity to commit to, without quite realizing it I’d set out to find a workable ‘unified field theory of consciousness.’  


Well... ---I succeeded!  And now along with my good friend and colleague--- Dr. Dean Lloyd ---we're here to share with you--- in the most adaptively functional, appropriately effective utilization ---the fruits of those efforts.


What we will be sharing with you integrates through every philosophy, psychology, esoteric, mystical, and social system that have so far existed on this planet.  When you have assimilated their basic understandings, you’ll be able to look at the belief and value systems of every culture, from any period in time that has ever existed on our planet, and understand the psychological progression as to how and why they developed in the way that they did.


You’ll be able to extract the working intelligence from any system of thought, mix and match the insights from their various offerings, and recombine them to suit your present individual needs... without having to bow down to whatever cultural tollbooth had been established around them to distribute their suggested access.


At whatever level you’re operating from, the adequacy and effectiveness of your participation will be determined by the quality of your comprehensive understanding.


We intend to further empower you... to help to facilitate your inner security to where you become truly comfortable within your own psyche:  So that as consumers you will no longer be susceptible to being emotionally bullied and psychologically browbeaten.  So you can the demand the kind of goods and services--- at every level ---that will truly fulfill and satisfy you.  So that those persons who really have the creative intelligence and workplace moxie will be able to make their fortunes by satisfying real needs.  While those who can only use the momentum of their accumulated power to market alibis for the public’s denied fears of inadequacy, will fall by the wayside.


In discerning, open minded skepticism you might very well want to ask:  Should you believe what we're saying? 


We are so glad that you asked that.  No, you shouldn’t believe!  

Too often people believe almost anything that you want to sell them.  

It is not your job to believe.  Rather, it is our job to help empower you by facilitating your actual understanding.


Which brings us to one of the precepts of what we refer to as a Psychological Ethical Etiquette:


If we, or anyone else claims to have an actual understanding...  ---and we’d like to see people who are fronting as authorities in politics, religion, medicine, psychology, scientific research, education, business, etc. held up to this baseline standard---


If we claim to have an understanding, then we must be able to show you what it is; how it is constructed; its interactive range of function; and how you can independently access these qualities for yourself.


We must be reasonable, logical, clear and able to demonstrate these 

claims to you.  If not, no matter how good it sound, no matter how hypothetically probable it may be, regardless of who believes what...  ---it's not yet an actual understanding.


And we have a lot of understandings to share with you...!

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Without exception...:  The quality of everything you experience is determined by your ‘state of mind!’

To help facilitate body-mind integration, you will learn how to access and adjust at will, to any degree, in any combination you choose, the various interactive levels of perception to empower your ‘state of mind.’


We’re going to resolve the age old inner conflict that’s been wreaking self persecuting havoc in the human psyche, and destructive conflict in the social fabric.  As created and developed by Am Rosen, we’ll be introducing you to a breakthrough evolutionary method for unfolding human potential.  The implications and applications of THE PROCESS are stunningly sublime.  We will explain how THE PROCESS can be used to balance, harmonize and integrate mind-body interaction.


Consider, why is it it that against our reason, desire and better judgement we inwardly derail ourselves with self-tormenting feelings of fear, doubt, confusion, anxiety, guilt and shame?


Your true security as a human individual comes when you can control your own mind.  Not suppress, escape, avoid and/or deny yourself.  Rather, when you can move, at will, into your senses, feelings and/or thoughts, to any degree and in any combination you choose; only when you choose...  And/or when you can remain ‘centered’ in the moment, exquisitely aware of what is going on within and around you, without feeling compelled to re-actively masturbate imagined feelings and emotionally categorize your thoughts---  Then you become adaptively flexible, inwardly secure and ready to play.


So how can you gain functional access over the level’s of perception available to you as an individualizing human?  And how would having such control enhance the quality of your life?  To answer that we’ll be orienting you through: Heart Fulfillment - The Process and Five Steps to Self Actualization

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