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Without exception...:  The quality of everything you experience is determined by your ‘state of mind!’

To help facilitate body-mind integration, you will learn how to access and adjust at will, to any degree, in any combination you choose, the various interactive levels of perception to empower your ‘state of mind.’


We’re going to resolve the age old inner conflict that’s been wreaking self persecuting havoc in the human psyche, and destructive conflict in the social fabric.  As created and developed by Am Rosen, we’ll be introducing you to a breakthrough evolutionary method for unfolding human potential.  The implications and applications of THE PROCESS are stunningly sublime.  We will explain how THE PROCESS can be used to balance, harmonize and integrate mind-body interaction.



Why is it it that against our reason, desire and better judgement we inwardly derail ourselves with self-tormenting feelings of fear, doubt, confusion, anxiety, guilt and shame?


Your true security as a human individual comes when you can control your own mind.  Not suppress, escape, avoid and/or deny yourself.  Rather, when you can move, at will, into your senses, feelings and/or thoughts, to any degree and in any combination you choose; only when you choose...  And/or when you can remain ‘centered’ in the moment, exquisitely aware of what is going on within and around you, without feeling compelled to reactively masturbate imagined feelings and emotionally categorize your thoughts---  Then you become adaptively flexible, inwardly secure and ready to play.


So how can you gain functional access over the level’s of perception available to you as an individualizing human?  And how would having such control enhance the quality of your life?  To answer that we’ll be orienting you through:



Five Steps To Self Actualization





The Premise:

Most people are at war between what they think and what they feel. They try to reconcile their confusion with rationalizations.  For example: “It’s not that I’m not okay (right, happy, normal, whatever...)  It’s just that if I didn’t have to put up with this, and she would be this way, and he wouldn’t do that...”  In other words: “It’s just that if things would go the way I’d like them to, then I would be happy.”

Excuses...  Avoidances...  What you’re doing is rationalizing.  Who you are rationalizing to are the negative feelings you have.  So that no matter how much common sense logic you make, or how psychologically brilliant, or even scientifically validated your thoughts are, you still feel tormented.

Your feelings were conditioned into you as a range of response to stimulus, before you’re intellect was in place to screen out or defend you.  For instance, at the age of one or two, you don’t say: “Mom, Dad, all this stuff you’re laying on me is interesting, but cool it for twenty years— I want scientific proof and at least a second opinion.”  Rather, you take it in body and soul.  You’re not born thinking.  In order to think you have to learn to associate symbols in your intellect with objects (e.g., mom, dad, dog, cat, house, etc.).  By the time you can even begin to self-consciously associate, and take that quantum leap to recognize and begin to process yourself as a symbol— “I’m a boy; or I’m a girl... I’m me...”  You have an intense four and a half years of conditioning that was put upon you when you were extremely impressionable, very dependent, and you can’t quite remember what happened.

After that, as your intellect comes more on line, you might start to think: “I see what you mean, but I could also do it this way.  I’d rather do it that way.”  That’s when the war starts between what you think is more in keeping with your own inclinations, as opposed to the limitations which have become subconsciously locked into your feeling level of response.

‘Feelings’ are irrational, illogical, and unreasonable.  The only right of feelings is fulfilling whatever their conditioned programming is.  The only wrong of feelings is in not fulfilling their conditioned programming.  Even if  that programming is debilitating to your body, debasing to your intelligence, and demeaning to your spirit, once a pattern has been set in place— until it is consciously de-conditioned— the only time you will feel right is when you’re debilitating, debasing, and demeaning your potential as an individual.

While, if for the best of reasons, you try to defy these subconscious feeling patterns, they will censor you through the body.  Talk about gut emotions— regardless of what you may think, or suppress yourself from thinking, your ‘feelings’ register through your visceral organs and affect the integrity of your metabolic vitality.


The Purpose:

The three de-conditioning sessions are designed to permanently break the grip of your subconscious imprinting. They bring the way you feel— your ability to respond to stimulus —back under the conscious control of your intellect; rather than the intellects that programmed you before you could consciously think and defend yourself.

After these sessions, if you really understand, and can make sense out of what you’re dealing with, your feelings will adapt around your thought processes, which can also help to bring your body into complimentary alignment with your mental dynamic.

You can change the way ‘you think you feel’ countless times— But you will still feel the same way.  You’re just rearranging your thoughts around your feelings.  However, when you can change your feelings at their source, then everything changes for you.

These sessions are non-regressive.  When they are done, they’re done forever.


Session OneSelf Worth

This session deals with the prenatal and post-natal experience.  It deals with your relation to your mother and to ‘The Mother.’  It also deals with the sleep state and the dreamworld.

The objective of this session is to get you to feel that you are loved!  Not just think that you ought to feel loved.  Rather you’ll actually, organically, and intrinsically feel that you are blessed, that you are deserving of the best in life.  Then you will stop feeling the need to punish yourself by subtle denial.


Session Two:  Fearlessness

This session deals with getting rid of fear!  Getting rid of that deep, unknown primal sense of dread that lurks in the back of everyone’s mind.

The objective of this session is to eliminate the subconscious inhibitory mechanism that has compelled you to sabotage your opportunities and hold back from going after what you really want.  And/or to do a ‘tradeoff;’ whereby if you become capable in one aspect of your life, too often you may feel compelled to mess up a different aspect of your life, thereby keeping you from taking full advantage of those places where you are competent.

So that you will come to feel quite comfortable in accessing everything that is available to you and utilizing it to your heart’s content.


Session Three:  Sexual Freedom and Personal Power

This session deals with the relation to your father, and ‘The Father.’  It is designed to break the subconscious grip of any patriarchal structure that holds tyrannical dominance over the way you feel about your personal right to access power.

The objective of this session is to liberate you to feel, organically and intrinsically, that you have your own power.  That you don’t have to go through someone or something else to access your power.  Whereas it’s nice to be with someone because you want to, it’s lousy to be there out of compulsion.

Also:  with men, it is to get them to stop feeling afraid of women.  That’s why men tend to intellectually over structure; it’s their form of avoiding what they’re afraid to feel (i.e., powerless).  With women, it’s to get them to stop feeling the need to hate and resent men.  They have their reasons, but it’s not helping them or anyone else.

And with everybody, it’s to empower them to feel beautiful about their sexuality, regardless of whether they choose to indulge or not indulge in their erotic potential.





The Premise:

After completing the First Step, you will begin to feel free to do what you’ve always thought you wanted to do.  Only to find out that it isn’t what you really wanted— Instead you realize you’ve been compensating for what you ‘felt’ you couldn’t or shouldn’t do.

Even though your feelings are now open and yours to redirect, all the old inadequate patterns of behavior that you had previously created are still in place.

Even though you have de-conditioned your feelings and can make reasonable sense out of a situation, if you become thrown off kilter by stressful circumstance you may revert to your old emotional patterns which still subconsciously orient you; and could take over and irrationally direct your perspective.  Thus the need for ‘Re-patterning.’


The Purpose:

This is lifestyle management.  Now you will reevaluate the appropriateness and adequacy of your responses.  Where did your patterns of response come from?  How effective have they been in fulfilling your needs?  What would be a more appropriate way to facilitate a greater and more satisfying range of motion in the various areas of your life (i.e., health, friendship, romantic intimacy, business, etc.)?



These lifestyle reorientation sessions are taken on an ‘as need’ basis.  One may be sufficient; or several may be required.

You will learn how to identify any pattern of response that you have.  Then trace it back to where you first locked into this range of response.  And by so fixating, how you limited and relegated your actions; and thereby, what additional ranges of motion you denied yourself access to.  You will learn to release from the automatic limit of your previous pattern.  Evaluate its effectiveness in your current situation.  Then how to replace it with an open ended response level that can be altered and expanded as your understanding increases.  So that the next time you’re thrown off kilter, instead of automatically reverting back to the old pattern, you will instead revert to the newly ‘re-patterned’ range of response that you’ve established.  You will keep augmenting your patterns to you’ve caught up with the operative comfort level of your individual dynamic.

As with all steps in ‘THE PROCESS,’ the goal is to empower each person to become secure within themselves, at ease within their social interactions, and expansive within the actualization of their own unique potential.






The Premise:

Most people do not understand how their consciousness processes.  Rather than having the control over their mental apparatus, inwardly they are emotionally pushed around and tormented by the waywardness of incessantly conflicting thoughts and primitively destabilizing feelings; with the health of their bodies taking a beating.

If you don’t understand, yet insist that what you ‘feel’ and ‘think’ is true, you inwardly experience distortion in the form of confusion, anxiety, doubt and fear. In an attempt to compensate for inner discomfort, we armor ourselves.  We become dull, coarse, gross and desensitized in a defensive effort to assert our supposed ‘rightness.’

Your real security as a human being comes when you can move, at will, in and out of your senses, feelings, and thoughts!

When you can access and/or combine these first three Levels of Perception, to any degree or combination you choose, only for as long as you choose...  Or when you can stay consciously centered in the moment, exquisitely aware of what is going on, without being compelled to label, judge, or associate...  Only then, you are in control; so that when given the chance to ‘play,’ you will play as much as you want, because you are no longer afraid of being trapped or cheated.


The Purpose:

This session(s) will introduce you to the truth of your Self.  You will learn how to move beyond the self-imposed limitations of your Ego, and consciously access ‘Fourth Level’ perception.  From Fourth Level perception you will learn how to secure and protect yourself; how to center and stabilize in the moment; how to sort out and unwind emotional fixations; how to take control and rewire the first Three Levels of perception; how to safely explore more expanded states of awareness and functionally integrate them into your everyday life.

This session(s) will give you the tools to access and understand every psychological, philosophical, metaphysical and esoteric system of thought that has ever existed.


Session One: Open Heart

This  primary session will introduce and orient you to Fourth Level Awareness.  With this session comes an introduction into the first two levels of the Meditative Arts; along with a variety of techniques for approaching these more expanded levels of perception.  With this session your heart becomes open, sealed and protected.


Session Two: Securing The Center

According to your needs, follow-up sessions may be taken whenever desired to help workshop and refine your skills in various aspects and techniques of meditation.


Session Three: Regaining Control

When you have attained at least a rudimentary proficiency in recognizing and accessing Fourth Level awareness, this session will teach you how to trace down any conscious thought or subconscious feeling to its point of origin and break its automatic response grip over your nervous system.






The Premise:

The saying that ‘old habits die hard’ is undeniable.  Now, even though your feelings are back under the control of your conscious intellect, you still remain trapped in recycled patterns of negative thought and action.  Why?  Because these ‘patterns’ are all you have ever known.  You originally constructed them as a reflex defense against the negative feelings that had been conditioned into you. As such, these ‘anti-negative thought patterns’ which you had formed to keep at bay those negative feeling patterns which held subconscious dominance over you had actually seemed positive and protectively comfortable.

However, now that you have access to a more expanded range of motion; now that you’re divesting yourself of primitive emotional drag-lines that so distorted your awareness and drained your vitality; you can and will replace these ineffective thought patterns with ones which will facilitate your potential in every aspect of your life.

It is one thing to think about being happy, peaceful, vital, etc.  It is quite another thing to set and reset the mental coordinates, at will; so that these thoughts actualize through your feeling responses and physical vitality.

Reprogramming will assist you in retraining yourself toward optimal functioning.


The Purpose:

You are going to learn how to intellectually construct whatever thought forms seem appropriate, focus them as an orientation through your feelings and senses–- be it for two seconds or twenty years -–change them anytime you find a perspective that makes more sense; and have them take effect.



The first session will make you aware of how anti-negative thought processes are keeping you stuck in patterns of response you no longer need.  You will come to understand how the intellect developed, and why you are fixated at a particular way of viewing yourself and everything else.  Most importantly you will learn to reprogram your thought processes, at will, change them anytime you make more sense, and have them take effect.

One session will provide the insight and basic technique.  Follow-up sessions may be required at the student’s inclination to help workshop the technique into fluency.






The Premise:

The more you center your awareness and stabilize in the moment, the more exquisitely you perceive what’s going on within and around you.  From this heightened, more illuminated perspective, you refocus back through the mechanisms of your ego, willfully projecting through your personality to reorient your life in ways that are more appropriate and effective in facilitating your personal satisfaction and self fulfillment.  In turn, the more effectively you handle the particulars of circumstance, the more your awareness becomes liberated for further exploration of more expanded spatial relations and energy flows.

According to your inclinations and current level of accessibility, newer ranges of motion are becoming available for you to explore and incorporate into your daily life.  This new territory of awareness requires the appropriate insights, skills and techniques that will allow you to safely and effectively expand and integrate more inclusive states of awareness.



The Purpose:

It is time to learn ‘the language of the Heart.’  The Ego is dominated by intellectual based symbolism.  The language of the Heart is the direct experience of spatial relations and energy frequencies.  You are now learning to take the co-creative position between that which you have dominion over (i.e., the levels of awareness dominated by senses, feelings and thoughts) and those more quantum and extra-dimensional modes of awareness which, so far, to some degree, have dominion over you.  The emphasis is always on personal safety and effective reintegration into your continuously unfolding psychological wholeness.

For those who are interested in exploring more expanded levels of awareness, the sessions are designed to help facilitate the development of your own unique potential.  So that you can share in the insights and techniques of past and contemporary teachings, extract what is workable from them, and integrate them into the expansion of your individual path.  These sessions are pathways through and beyond the Fourth Level awareness of the Heart.


Session One:  Understanding And Peace

In this session you will learn to stabilize in, operate from, and redirect the aspects of your life from Heart Centered, Fourth Level awareness.  This is second level meditation— walking meditation.  Now the quality of awareness associated with meditation becomes constant, and is overlaid as a superstructure on all prior states of awareness.  This is the pathway to the Heart.


Session Two:  Love And Compassion

Your ability to expand into higher levels of perception depends on your purpose for integrating your discoveries into the apparent reality of your existence.  What draws you to the next level is love; what grounds you into existence is compassion.  Through love you will be drawn to greater access; through compassion you will draw those in greater need to you.  Here you will gain insights for balancing the seemingly solitary journey of inner expansion with the social refinement of outer expression.  This is the pathway through the Heart.


Session Three:  Joy And Ecstasy

Awareness precipitates energy (formless potential).  Energy precipitates matter (functioning form).  Balancing the existential equation that recycles energy and matter is ‘awareness.’  As you stop identifying with energy and matter, conscious awareness expands.  Not identifying with either energy or matter, gives you more access to awareness and more control over both.  This sublime positioning of perspective is a delicacy which makes the heights of orgasm seem common.  To gain such access affords great privilege, while equally requiring great responsibility (i.e., the ability to respond).  The impact on the body and psyche are unique, constant and non formulaic.  Here you must learn to navigate without becoming lost and dispersed by overwhelming pleasure.  This is the pathway beyond the Heart.



What we are offering you is the opportunity... by way of sharing with you those insights, understandings, perspectives, techniques and tools for facilitating mind-body integration that will help you to become more clear, comfortable and secure within yourself.  So that however you choose to live your life, and however your life lives you, you’ll be able to enjoy and benefit more from the exchange.


Greetings... everyone!  My name is Am Rosen: lifelong philosopher and author, with forty-years in practice as a Health Consultant facilitating mind-body integration; as through the medium of the human psyche, my art--- the Healing Art ---is facilitating the evolutionary unfoldment of human potential.


Over half a century a go, I made a sacred vow:  I resolved to understand how consciousness processes through the human form; why people struggle under the psychological problems that so hurt, oppress and derail their bodies, minds and social interactions; and how to remedy, rectify and heal those imbalances.  With the unabashed determination that only the ‘straight from the heart’ innocence of youth can find the audacity to commit to, without quite realizing it I’d set out to find a workable ‘unified field theory of consciousness.’  


Well... ---I succeeded!  And now along with my good friend and colleague--- Dr. Dean Lloyd ---we're here to share with you--- in the most adaptively functional, appropriately effective utilization ---the fruits of those efforts.


What we will be sharing with you integrates through every philosophy, psychology, esoteric, mystical, and social system that have so far existed on this planet.  When you have assimilated their basic understandings, you’ll be able to look at the belief and value systems of every culture, from any period in time that has ever existed on our planet, and understand the psychological progression as to how and why they developed in the way that they did.


You’ll be able to extract the working intelligence from any system of thought, mix and match the insights from their various offerings, and recombine them to suit your present individual needs... without having to bow down to whatever cultural tollbooth had been established around them to distribute their suggested access.


At whatever level you’re operating from, the adequacy and effectiveness of your participation will be determined by the quality of your comprehensive understanding.


We intend to further empower you... to help to facilitate your inner security to where you become truly comfortable within your own psyche:  So that as consumers you will no longer be susceptible to being emotionally bullied and psychologically browbeaten.  So you can the demand the kind of goods and services--- at every level ---that will truly fulfill and satisfy you.  So that those persons who really have the creative intelligence and workplace moxie will be able to make their fortunes by satisfying real needs.  While those who can only use the momentum of their accumulated power to market alibis for the public’s denied fears of inadequacy, will fall by the wayside.


In discerning, open minded skepticism you might very well want to ask:  Should you believe what we're saying? 


We are so glad that you asked that.  No, you shouldn’t believe!  

Too often people believe almost anything that you want to sell them.  

It is not your job to believe.  Rather, it is our job to help empower you by facilitating your actual understanding.


Which brings us to one of the precepts of what we refer to as a Psychological Ethical Etiquette:


If we, or anyone else claims to have an actual understanding...  ---and we’d like to see people who are fronting as authorities in politics, religion, medicine, psychology, scientific research, education, business, etc. held up to this baseline standard---


If we claim to have an understanding, then we must be able to show you what it is; how it is constructed; its interactive range of function; and how you can independently access these qualities for yourself.


We must be reasonable, logical, clear and able to demonstrate these 

claims to you.  If not, no matter how good it sound, hypothetically probable it may be, or who believes what, it is not yet an actual understanding.


And we have a lot of understandings to share with you...!

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