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Facilitating the evolutionary unfoldment of human potential through body-mind integration

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"The greatest power is the power of the mind"

Am Rosen


Safely and effectively adjust your body-mind interactions

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Am Rosen, 75 years old, passed away on January 16, 2022. The philosopher, writer, and healer will be greatly missed. One of the most extraordinary original thinkers of this or any other century, called himself a "friend to humanity". He had a unique humanistic approach to ‘Life-- Love-- Health-- and the true pursuit of happiness.’ His work will continue in this project.
Dean Lloyd

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Our Approach

Without exception...:  The quality of everything you experience is determined by your ‘state of mind!’  To help facilitate body-mind integration, you will learn how to access and adjust at will, to any degree, in any combination you choose, the various interactive levels of perception empower your ‘state of mind.’ 

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About us



Dean is a life-long professional musician that has been practicing holistic healing for more than thirty-five years. A board certified Acupuncturist, Naturopath, Radio Show Host, Author, Professor, Inventor, and Philosopher, Dean used his combined training in Oriental medicine and cross-cultural music theory that led him to the rediscovery of the role of the pentatonic scale in Chinese healing and his creation of the Acutone technique. Dean teaches Acutone to Acupuncturists and health practitioners and has invented numerous musical healing devices, including the Resonance Bell, which he employs in his busy clinical practices.



Professional Education

University of Wisconsin, Midwest College of Oriental Medicine, PCOM/ Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, Institute of Postural Restructuring, Dr. Jay Scheerer's Academy of Natural Healing

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IN Honor of Am Rosen

While now deceased, we remember how Am resolved to understand how consciousness processes through the human form; why people struggle under the psychological problems that so hurt and oppress them; and how to remedy, rectify and heal those imbalances.  And so I set out to find a workable ‘unified field theory of consciousness.’

We continue this work in his honor and hope the world will benefit from it for many years to come. 

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